We had the privilege of meeting many Israelis during our SHALOM HOLY LAND TOUR. Many Israeli leaders participated in our CELEBRATING JUBILEE BANQUET, JUNE 7, 2017. Key speakers joined us from the Knesset, military, educational, and business communities. Each person was presented ISRAEL GET READY! (English and Hebrew Editions!) We sounded the alarm to many! 

Celebrating The Jubilee Banquet June 7th, 2017

MK Sharren Haskel

MK Sharren Haskel - Speaker

Mk Rabbi Yehuda Glick

MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick - Speaker

General Areal Fishbaum

Gen. Areal Fishbaum - Speaker

Jack Heintz

From Left: Dr. Pedrone, Steve Vandesandy, Pastor Tom Odom, Dr. Rex Walker, Gen. Areal Fishbaum and Jack Heintz

Pastor Tom Odom

From Left: Jack Heintz, Sharren Haskel, Pastor Tom Odom and David Odom

Col. Adi Maor

Jack Heintz presenting publication "Israel Get Ready" to Col Adi Maor

Our SHALOM HOLY LAND TOURS, FRIENDSHIP BANQUETS, HONOR ISRAEL NIGHTS, other special events and personal contacts have given us the privilege of developing lasting friendships both in Israel and America! our special publication, ISRAEL GET READY! (English and/or Hebrew edition) has been presented to each person with some coming to know their Messiah. We praise God for many lasting, and positive results!

Shalom Holy Land Tour Highlights

Tour Group on Mt. Carmel

Tour Group on Temple Mount

Tour Group on Temple Mount

Mt Carmel

Tour Group on Temple Mount

Tour Group on Temple Mount

Tour Group on Temple Mount

Temple Mount

Group at Jordan River

El Al Pilot Ilan Margalit and Jack Heintz

El Al Pilot Ilan Margalit and Jack Heintz

Jordan River

El Al Pilot Ilan Margalit and Jack Heintz

El Al Pilot Ilan Margalit and Jack Heintz

El Al Pilot Ilan Margalit and Jack Heintz

Ilan Margalit

Building Lasting Israeli Friendships Over The Years!

Binyamin Netanyahu

Left:  Binyamin Netanyahu  , Dr. Dino Pedrone, and Jack Heintz

Mayor Nir

  Howard Barnard and Jack Heintz with Jerusalem Mayor Nir

Mayor Jona Yahav

Mayor Jona Yahav with Howard Barnard and Jack Heintz 

Mayor Ron Nachman

Dr. Jim Sheffield, Former Mayor Ron Nachman and Dr. Dino Pedrone

Councel General Ben Gad

Former Vice Mayor and Israel Council General Ben Gad and Jack Heintz

Uri Platnikov

Uri Platnikov, Col. Adi Maor, Gen. Moshe Zurick with Jack and Howard

Abraham Rosenthal

Abraham Rosenthal, Jack Heintz, Dr. Eli Fischer and Dr. Dino Pedrone

Dr. Rex Walker

 Dr. Rex Walker, Dr. Joshua and Jack Heintz


Honor Israel's 70th. Birthday, May 22nd, 2018


Honor Israel Night Israels 70th Anniversary, May 22, 2018, First Baptist Church of Southwest Broward, Cooper City, FL


Participants included: – ISRAEL CONSUL GENERAL, MIAMI: Mr. Lior Haiat / FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF S.W. BROWARD: Senior Pastor Tom Odom; Matt Sibert - Sound and Videography / THE RIVIERA PARLIAMENT (Israelis): Mr. Ofer Tamir – Chairman; Mr. Amnon Gershoni – Founder; Mrs. Orit Feigelman – Chair person of The Ladies Chapter; Doron Feigelman – Director of the contents committee; Mr. Pini Dagan – Vice Chairman; Yoram Adar – member / PEACE FOR ISRAEL, INC.:  Jack Heintz – President; Dr. Rex Walker – Vice President; Bev Hohl Derison - PFI Prayer Warriors, and other Partners / REFRESHMENTS: Joan Heintz, Angelica Robio, Ayala Baum, Sylvia Tabora, and Partners / MUSICIANS: Stan Blair, Meshawn Senior, Julie Propst, and Orit Tahan – Israeli Singer / SECURITY: Kent Security. 

Riviera Parliament

Riviera Parliament

Jack Heintz presented as a new member of the Riviera Parliament July 6, 2018

I am praising  God for the honor of being presented recently as a new member of the Rivieria Parliament, a very influential group of over 500 Israeli members in south Florida. After first adopting me as an honorary member, they made me a full member! (LEFT PHOTO) Ofir Tamir – Chairman (L) and Amnon Gershoni – Founder (R) holding their certificates of appreciation that I presented, July 6, 2018 (at the Riveria Parliament) for their part in our HONOR ISRAEL NIGHT! held at  FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF SWB, Cooper City, FL., May 22, 2018. About 250 persons attended with over 50% (estimated) being Israelis and other Jewish people. 

Beth Shalom Sundy School Class

Doron Feigelman

July 8, 2018

Last Sunday, at our weekly Beth Shalom Sunday School Class,  Doron participated with three other members of the Riviera Parliament. Some of those who attended the class are shown in the left photo. From left: Frank Foglio, Angelica Robio, Josi Solovey, Jack Heintz, Doron Feigelman (seated), wife Orit, David Shimon, and Ayala Linder Baum.