Israel Get Ready!

New updated 5th Edition

Now available for FREE dowload in English 5th Edition and 2nd Edition in Hebew!

Written by Jack Heintz and Dr. Dino Pedrone this exciting 5th Edition publication provides over 36 pages of illustrations and current events related to bible prophecy to help prepare Israel for ”The time of Jacob’s Trouble” and Israel’s coming Messiah! 

Answers questions such as:

  1. What is the significance of Jerusalem?
  2. Why pray for the peace of Jerusalem?
  3. What is the significance of the Jubilee?
  4. What heavenly signs are occurring?
  5. Is Israel's Messiah ready to appear?
  6. What Hebrew prophecies point to Messiah?
  7. Is Israel the key to prophecy?
  8. Will lasting peace occur in the future?
  9. Will a false Messiah bring peace to Israel?
  10. What about the time of Jacob's trouble?
  11. What will be the future land of Israel?
  12. Why Israel must be supported?

Endtimes Bible Prophecy, Israel get ready

Endtimes Bible Prophecy, Israel get ready

Lasting Peace for Jerusalem

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Lasting peace for Jerusalem

Lasting peace for Jerusalem

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Now Available "Israel Get Ready" Updated 5th Edition bible prophecy and Israel.